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NextAfter is an online fundraising research lab and consultancy that works alongside nonprofits to develop research as to why their donors give and put those learnings into practice to help them reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars to fund their world-changing work. 

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Here's what you'll get when you upgrade to Premium Access

Get access to two “Premium Only” mini-workshops.

On Day 1 of the summit (Sept. 30th), you’ll get to join TED Talk veteran Brian Miller for a 1.5 hour session on how to make meaningful connections with people in a virtual world. And since most traditional, face-to-face fundraising events are cancelled these days, effectively connecting with donors virtually is an essential skill for every fundraiser.

On Day 2 (Oct 1st), you’ll get to join another 1.5 hour session with Jen Shang of the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy. She will share from her vast knowledge of online fundraising psychology and equip you with tools to understand your donors to forge better donor relationships online.

Get the full NIO Summit experience by upgrading to Premium Access

Unlock the premium-only mini-workshops, get your 3-month NextAfter Institute membership, and get a swag box sent to your door by upgrading your NIO Summit access using the form below.

Get the full NIO Experience with Premium Access

Get 3 months of fundraising certification training, access to premium sessions, and a NIO Summit swag box shipped to your door when you upgrade to a Premium Access.

Attending NIO Summit is one thing…but experiencing NIO Summit is another.

The experience of joining an ever-growing community of fundraisers and marketers that are seeking innovative ways to grow generosity is the primary reason that previous NIO Summit attendees keep coming back year after year.

Without Premium Access, you’re not going to get the complete experience.

But getting a premium ticket isn’t for everyone. The premium ticket is only for people who are:

  • Actively seeking proven and tested strategies to increase online fundraising revenue.
  • Determined to build their online fundraising and marketing skills to advance their career.
  • Desiring to join a community of innovators that have one goal in mind: growing generosity.

If you meet those criteria, you should keep reading. Because the Premium Access is going to help you accomplish those three goals.

Get a 3-month NextAfter Institute membership.

A NextAfter Institute membership gets you unlimited access to 8 online fundraising certification courses (and a bonus course being announced during the summit). You can build the essential online fundraising skills you need in order to radically increase your online revenue in key areas such as:

  • Email Fundraising Optimization
  • Donation Page Optimization
  • Google Analytics for Nonprofits
  • Copywriting for Online Fundraising
  • and more.

Get the best virtual conference swag you've ever seen shipped to your door.

Our favorite part of NIO Summit is the swag – and not just because it’s fun to come up with crazy ideas for what to put on a t-shirt.

Good conference swag helps you know that you’re part of a community. It helps you experience the event, the speakers, the learnings, and the community of attendees in a more real way. And since we’re stuck in a virtual world, having some type of shared experience is more important than ever.

As a Premium Access holder, you’re going to get a sweet swag box mailed to directly to your door to help you get in the NIO Summit spirit, participate in some specially planned contests and activities, and truly give you the ultimate NIO Summit experience.